Rishi Agrawal


Rishi Nitin Agrawal

Phone: +1 202 696 2495

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Singapore Army, Singapore Armed Forces

Singapore, Singapore

Lance Corporal (2020 -- 2022)
Main Command, 9th Army Maintenance Base, Combat Support.
Involved in 6-month long code refactoring and rehaul of legacy databases and systems, creating new databases and systems that can scale x5, and twice as fast.
Extensive knowledge and practice of data visualization techniques using Microsoft Power BI, DAX, and Tableau for presentations to majors and generals within the Singapore Army about the state of combat readiness.
Self-taught and worked on projects involving raw HTML, CSS, HTTP, and Django.
Worked on sealed bidding processes for expensive part acquisitions – (advanced technology with a minimum price of $200,000).
Creating new databases and shifting the old databases from Microsoft Excel to MySQL and Oracle infrastructure.
Being part of the education team to educate and upskill the other military personnel in working more efficiently and making fewer mistakes.
Succeeded in reducing the process time and turnaround for heavy vehicle and infantry troop carriers by 50%.

Aroma Bakery (Singapore, Singapore)

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer (2020 -- 2020)
Used Python and SQL to single-handedly build from scratch and run a bakery business that averaged $5,000 in profit every month.

Reed Smith LLP

Singapore, Singapore

Intern (2018 - 2018)
Chief of the process in designing the entire infrastructure for legal document and sensitive client file archival.

Bhaishankar Kanga and Girdharlal

Mumbai, India

Intern (2018-2018)
Head of the project to digitize the entire collection of legal documents and papers built up over a century of legal practice, and an attempt to create several databases of clients, legal cases, precedents, and papers (Microsoft SQL server, SQLite).
Singapore Taekwondo Academy (Singapore, Singapore - https://tkd.sg)
Black belt 2nd degree and taekwondo instructor (2009 – 2020)
Practicing since 2009 and have attained a 2nd degree black belt. Taught abused, underprivileged children for free in Singapore.


Singapore, Singapore

Chief Technology Officer (2019)
Created a website to share study resources and tips with juniors in high school, a project which is now a school tradition.
Built the website to withstand 1,000 daily visitors.

Languages (computer):

Python, SQL, JavaScript, Java, Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), Matlab, R, HTML & CSS

Languages (human):

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, Marathi, German (written)

Building blocks

• Frameworks: HTTP, Django, Ruby on Rails
• Development Infrastructure: GitHub, neoVim, Eclipse, Notepad++, Bitbucket, JIRA, Slack, Markdown
• Databases: SQLite3, SQL, Excel


HTTP, Django, Ruby on Rails

Development Infrastructure:

GitHub, neoVim, Eclipse, Bitbucket, Slack, Markdown


SQLite3, SQL, Excel


University of Maryland, College Park (2025)

BSc. Computer Science (Machine Learning), University of Maryland College-Park (2025)
Spring 2023: Object-oriented programming II (Java), Statistics, Discrete mathematics and logic (20 credits)
Fall 2022: Object-oriented programming I (Java), Linear Algebra, Calculus II, Calculus I (24 credits)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (2020)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program – 776, 42 points (highest possible: 777, 45 points).
Higher-Level: Physics, Economics, English
Standard-Level: Mathematics, Chemistry, French

International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Cambridge (2018)

10 A* / 10 subjects (highest possible: A*)
Computer Science, English Literature, English Language, French, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History
Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education with Distinction – International Honors.