Rishi Agrawal

What I’m doing now

Writing & Vim

I'm finally writing, for my own personal satisfaction and creative self-expression. Journalling and writing fiction. Getting ideas out of my head and into a text file.

At the same time I'm learning Vim. A lot of people swear by it. "Edit at the speed of thought!" and all that. It also has a notoriously high learning curve so it's better I learn it now instead of suffering at college or at a job.


Still improving my Spanish. Doing an old audio course from the Foreign Service Institute, and recently finished the Language Transfer course.

I've been thinking about writing the SIELE or the DELE for a year now, but I don't know whether I'll actually do it.

Old Friends

My time in Singapore is rapidly drawing to a close. This brings memories of old friends, whom I'm trying to find. I even created an Instagram account to look for them!

If you're reading this, send me an email!

Future Plans

I recently finished the gruelling American university application process, with its endless essays and the SAT exam. I'm glad it's over. I'm just waiting for offers, now. I hope everything works out and I can move to the USA.

Six months left in the Singapore Army!

I marked my 3/4 point on 29th October 2021. Now I've been conscripted for a year and a half. I have to survive until three months left, which will come twice as fast as this time.

This is the beginning of the end!

Updated 2022-01-11 from Singapore, Singapore.